Access Webinars as a Source of Learning

Learning can take on many different forms, and the ability to access webinars as a source of learning is a wonderful tool. A webinar is a web-based seminar that allows people from all over the world to communicate, watch lectures, and share ideas. Webinars are increasingly common for online universities or training programs that cater to people who cannot attend a traditional classroom.

A webinar is set up for a pre-determined time and will often have the instructor shown via webcam and the rest of the participants can send questions through instant messages or even connect a microphone to ask questions. This allows the instructor to use visual aids and send documents to the students, and to address concerns and questions instead of a passive lecture. A participant can also show video clips and pause it to discuss the events and lead a discussion to get input from the other participants.

Many webinars can also be recorded and saved for future use. If a student was not able to participate in it live, they can watch the recording and still get the same information and input from others – much better than the old technique of copying notes that may have been incomplete or inaccurate. Another benefit of webinars is that they allow students to build a connection with the other students and the instructor that will make the learning more personal and meaningful.

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