Cameras in the Courtroom: Pros and Cons

You may or may not be aware of it, but there has been a raging debate about if cameras should be allowed in courtrooms. This debate has been raging for a while with people on both sides raising good points and concerns.

On the pro side of the debate we hear cries for more transparency. People believe that they have a right to see what is happening in a court of the law that their tax dollars have helped to pay for. Get more information here.They say that cameras will help the media to be able to report to the public about exactly what is happening.

On the con side, we hear plenty about people who say that they believe that the cameras cause a distraction and could even be dangerous. If someone who is believed to be guilty has his or her face plastered all over the papers, then an angry public might try to take justice into their own hands. This would cause a public safety crisis that no one wants to have to deal with. They also claim that this turns the courtroom proceedings into a form of entertainment for the public, and that is not what the law is all about.

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