Technology Can Amplify Soft Frightened Voices During Testimony

Technology plays an important role in today’s courtrooms. For example, microphones attached to witness booths amplify voices during testimony. Advocates may use this to their advantage. A skillful trial attorney may ask frightened witnesses with soft voices to hold the microphone closer while speaking so the jury can hear them. The advocate knows that a shy person with a microphone held too close may come off as assertive and confident. In certain situations, loud and boisterous answers help win arguments. Advocates might even wait for a specific question and then request the witness to speak louder, making one part of the testimony sound different from the other. Such a tactic can change the way a jury interprets the testimony.

Microphones are in virtually every courtroom. Witnesses should prepare accordingly. Failure to do so could be damaging to the testimony they intend to present. Witnesses can prepare for the microphone by using them during depositions or at home before trial. Filming testimony spoken into a microphone may also be a great way for witnesses to develop an understanding of the way a jury might perceive them. It might also be useful to recite answers to specific questions without a microphone and then recite them with a microphone. Comparing the way each one sounds might help to gain insight into the way a jury might interpret the testimony. Undoubtedly, knowledge of the way testimony will sound with a microphone might help a witness deliver the correct message during trial.Keep looking, there’s more: ‘Gamesmanship’ Leads to Sudden Halt in Casey Anthony Trial

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