Power Point: A Lawyer’s best Friend

Today’s technology is rapidly expanding in every way shape and form that you can imagine. So fast that it is actually grabbing the attention of federal and state judges. Power Point can be an asset to many lawyers around the world for many reasons. They have the ability to capture the audiences attention quite effectively by taking facts from any given case and put them right on the wall. Anything from photos, videos, text, etc. can be displayed on the wall giving the lawyer a visual advantage over the plaintiff/defendant. It’s one of the most stimulating ways to present evidence in a case. Lugging around white boards and tri-folds to display information is almost a thing of the past. With a power point, you not only get to the point quickly and effectively, but it can also jog the memory of many of the witnesses. However, you must be careful to not overuse the technology; if one gets too dependent upon the technology of today, they may forget all about crucial facts to the case. Some may forget all about the witnesses that were there and all who saw it because they are too busy worried about a slide show for the court room. ‘With great technology comes great responsibility’ you may say.Still bored? Click to continue: Swiss political party tries to ban PowerPoint

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