How Technology Has Changed the Fashion Industry

It feels like technology has infiltrated almost every industry in the modern world and seems to be create ripples of change wherever it goes. From Food to Fashion the changes that have been created due to the growth in how we use and need technology are huge. You may not think of this type of thing on a daily basis but it probably affects you more than you even know. When it comes to fashion, there are a thousand ways things have changed as we learn more and see the ways we can use technology to enhance the design, production, and purchasing of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The Feel of Fabric

One of the small less noticeable effects that technology has had on the fashion industry is the variety and intelligence of the fabrics we wear today. If you look back at the history of fashion and apparel, you will notice that the majority of fabrics were woven from animal or plant fiber. With technology changing the game, we now see so many different varieties of fabric that are made out of synthetic fibers that could have never existed before this without science and technology. Some of the fabrics being made are designed to have a specific use or purpose as well. For example, there are water absorbing fabrics for athletic and swim apparel, or metallic reflective fabrics for safety reasons. There are even flame and impact resistant fabrics that have only improved with the advances we have made in fabric development and production.

The Way We Produce and Package

Before certain technologies were developed, we relied solely on human labor to produce and package every piece of apparel or accessory. With the advance of mechanics and other technologies, we can now produce much more in a much shorter time with far less people involved in the process. Same goes for packaging and shipping all of these things. Without the machinery we rely on today, we would not be able to accomplish the same level of production that we do now. The demand would be much higher because of the scarcity, which would in turn drive up the price of each item. So, despite the fact that some people argue that machinery is bad for the economy because it takes away jobs from people, it also creates an industry where fashion can actually be affordable.

How We Shop

The ways in which we consume has changed drastically with the invention of the internet. It has not only given us unlimited options at the tip of our fingertips, but it has created a need for diversity. It almost seems like because we have so many options within our reach, the designers and brands have had to step it up to create some uniqueness in the industry, to set themselves apart from everything else that is out there. In addition, it has forced companies like New York and Company to create an online presence in addition to their brick and mortar stores. It is very rare to find a major brand with a live store that does not also have an internet presence and retail space.

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