How to edit photos on Mac?

The software that stops developing is considered dead! Mac has a powerful and easy to use photo editing software that helps you explore many tools. It comes with endless features to make the photos look professional and improve quality. If you don’t like the changes you did, you can always return to the original image.

Before you start working on the software, you need to update the software and make sure you are using the latest version of macOS. Check if all the images are on iCloud photos or on your desktop or anywhere else. iCloud photos are more organized and stay updated so it is always convenient to bank upon it.

How to get started?

You need to open an image and click on the ‘Edit’ option. Double-click in the library and click edit in the toolbar. You can choose an image and press ‘Command-Return’ to open the image in Edit view. Click the tap in the middle of the toolbar to select from options like Adjust, Crop, and Filters. The toolbar gives you an editing with extension option and helps rotate the image as you like. When you edit, you must use the slider on the left side of the toolbar and zoom the photo to see more detail. Once you complete the adjustments, click on ‘Done’.

  1. Adjust

The first option of ‘Adjust’ helps you fine-tune your images. You can add color, lighten, sharpen, and so on. You can use sliders or click on the Auto button to adjust the image. You can also dive deeper for detailed control.

Tap the triangle located next to Adjust tool to show the control. Some allow more adjustments and you need to click the triangle next to Options to check all that the tool shows. You can just go ahead with individual adjustments on and off by clicking on the blue circle. It appears next to every tool and expands if you hover the pointed on it.

  1. Filters

There are nine types of filters that you can add to your images on Mac. There are Vivid, Dramatic, and Black-White options. These are optimized for improving the image while keeping your skin tone normal. There are warm and cool effects of both Vivid and Dramatic, along with Mono, Noir, or Silvertone for B&W.


  1. Crop

Once you straighten your photo, you can improve composition or remove the parts you don’t want. You simply need to drag edges of the corners so that you select the portion you want. When you leave it, the cropped photo comes out. When you move the dial, there is a grid that shows up on your photo. It helps you with the alignment or you can adjust the photo from the ‘Auto’ option too.

Many of us want to use better software for editing images. If you think that the Mac software isn’t the ideal option, you can turn to and download it. It is easy to use, flexible and gives you endless editing options.


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